Here is the list of frequently asked questions which will help you in purchasing a property in Turkey:

Can I, as foreigner, buy a property in Turkey? As a foreigner, you have to belong to any of the nationalities that have reciprocal rights and you can buy a property in Turkey.

Can I recieve residence permit if I buy a property in Turkey? As any other foreigner, you can get residence permit for 1 year in Turkey after showing all the providing all necessary documents.

If I want to buy a property in Turkey, do I need to have residence permit? No, you don´t.

Are there any restrictions while buying a property in Turkey? The property can´t be located in military zones or zones of historical importance, forest zones and primary agricultural lands and it must have title deed. All properties that we sell follow those points.

Can I invest in more than one property? Yes, there are no restrictions to the number of property you can purchase in Turkey.

Can a foreign company buy a property in Turkey? Yes, companies can own a property in Turkey. The origin country of the company must have reciprocal agreement with Turkey.

Who determines the price of a property? The prices of newly built property are set by developer. You should pay the same price with whoever you buy you property through, either directly or through third-party.

Who sells a property in Turkey? There are many different ways of purchasing a property. The best option is to choose licenced real estate agent, however, there are many other people, for example jewellery or leather sellers, waiters etc., who sell the property in tourism regions of Turkey.

Why should I buy a property through a real estate agent? Real estate agents are professionals that help you with purchasing your property. Pro Homes Real Estate is licenced experienced company that provide you with all the information needed to buy a property in Turkey. With a wide range of properties for sale, we will help you to choose the right property for you and guide you through all steps of purchasing process.

How is the general perception of locals toward foreigners? To warmly welcome any guests is an inseparable part of the Turkish culture. You can be sure that you will feel just as good as in your country (if not more comfortable) any time you visit Turkey.

Is it necessary to learn the language? To learn the language is completely up to you. It is not mandatory to learn the language since the main languages (English, German, Russian) are widely spoken in the places where we operate.

Do the places where you operate have an easy access all year round? The nearest airports to the location where we operate are the Antalya International Airport and Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport, which operate all year round. There are many flights from/to the major European airports from/to Antalya and Gazipaşa all year round.

How does the health sector in Turkey look like? The Turkish health care works with three different types of hospitals: public hospitals, university hospitals and private clinics. Public as well as private hospitals fulfill international standards in relation on equipment quality and specialist knowledge. Most hospitals have agreements with international insurance companies.

Are there any international banks where you operate? There are many international banks in locations where we operate (HSBC, Fortis), but also Turkish banks with offices in Europe (Is Bank, Garanti, Akbank).

Can foreigners get a mortgage in Turkey? Yes, foreigners can loan a money from Turkish bank. Pro Homes Real Estate cooperates with several targeted construction companies and collaborates with one of the best banks on the market, Deniz Bank, which offer fixed interest loan rate up to 10 years.

What does the purchasing process look like? First you need to choose a property, sign an agreement with seller, pay all the costs and obtain the title deed. For more information about purchasing process, click here.

What are the costs I have to pay while buying a property in Turkey? There are several costs arising while purchasing a property in Turkey. Pro Homes inform you in detail what you have to pay, click here.

What are the extra costs to purchase a property in Turkey? Except the title fee expense, there are absolutely no hidden costs in our offers. The price you see is the final price.

What is TAPU? TAPU is Turkish name of title deed, which is legal document showing that you own all rights to the property. All the properties must have a title deed from Land and Registry office.

How long do I have to wait before getting my title deed? It takes app. 3 days for you to get your title deed, starting from the day you purchase a property in Turkey.

Can I insure my property in Turkey? Yes, after buying your property in Turkey, you can insure it. Pro Homes Real Estate will help you find suitable insurance company.

What are the local taxes I will have to pay? There are a couple of municipal taxes to be paid twice a year, but very minimal compared to major European cities.

Will I get a help with furnishing my property? Pro Homes offers a help with furnishing your property in Turkey. We cooperate with the team of highly experienced designers and offer you our complete furnishing or personalized interior design services.

What about inheritance? Unless not mentioned otherwise, in case something happens to the title deed holder, the property is automatically inherited by the spouse or the children. To make any amendments on the title deed, you would need to involve legal assistance.

Can I take my money back to my country if I sell my property? Yes, there are absolutely no restrictions for you to take your money back to your country of origin, except the capital gain tax that you will eventually have to pay.

Do I have to pay capital gain tax if I sell my property? According to Turkish laws, you do not have to pay capital gain tax if you sell your property after 5 years of ownership.

Can the property be rented? This is possible of course. If you do not live permanently in your property, then the renting during your absence is even a good source of income. You will also have to pay tax on rent, should you decide to rent your property in Turkey.

Is the import of vehicles or furniture possible? The import of vehicles and furniture is possible. However, the costs of transport, customs and security obligations are very high; therefore it is recommendable to buy the furniture or car in Turkey.

What is ISKAN? There are two types of ISKAN: General Iskan and Personal Iskan. General Iskan is technical document for building. This document is given by the local authority and proves that the real estate has received all necessary approvals that the building is used for residential purposes and is allowed to live there permanently. Private Iskan for apartments that is obtained by the owner together with Tapu and is also required for new registrations of electricity and water.

What does Pro Homes Real Estate offer for you? We provide all the services that you need while purchasing your property in Turkey. We handle all the documentation and offer you services before and after buying your property.

Can I see a property before purchasing it? Pro Homes offers an inspection trips for its customers. You can view the property from our porfolio and choose a suitable one for you.

Here we have tried to answer the most important questions. If your question is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us.