How to Become a Turkish Citizen?


To become a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate, you need to purchase property worth at least 400,000 USD.

With the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette on May 13, 2022, the citizenship opportunity with a property investment of 250,000 USD was increased to 400,000 USD.

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Turkish Citizenship Application Process after Real Estate Purchase

Once you have chosen your home, we apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre to fulfill the requirements for Turkish Real Estate Citizenship. Between 3 to 7 days your application is reviewed and approved. After these procedures, we apply to the Immigration Office and after completing all the procedures, you will become a Turkish Citizen in 2 to 6 months. You can give power of attorney to Pro Homes for all these procedures. After finding your dream home, we will handle citizenship procedures in the fastest and safest way.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

  1. Turkish citizenship application form
  2. Valid passport of your country of citizenship
  3. Passport size photo of you and your family members (4 copies)
  4. Birth certificates
  5. Residence permit or valid Tourist Visa in Turkey
  6. Documents required for your spouse and children, if any (marriage certificate, child birth certificates)
  7. Photocopies of the identity cards and addresses of the owner's relatives in Turkey, if any
  8. Application tax payment receipt
  9. Evaluation report
  10. Bank receipt showing that your real estate is worth at least 400.000 USD
  11. Title deed or Notarized property purchase commitment

Note: You must not sell the property you have purchased for 3 years. For more information you can contact us at Pro Homes Real Estate Ltd.

Real Estate buying tour in Turkey Pro Homes' professional agents organize buying tours to help you find your dream home that suits you best and meets your tastes.

Buying Property After finding your dream home, we quickly prepare the necessary documents. Together with our professional team, we easily handle the property purchase procedures required for Turkish Citizenship on your behalf.

Citizenship Application Pro Homes Real Estate Ltd. Company lawyers will take the necessary steps for you to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Obtaining Turkish Passports

Within 2 to 6 months you can get your Turkish Passport.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

  • Your children under 18 and your spouse can also obtain Turkish Citizenship together with you.
  • You do not have to declare your assets in other countries to become a Turkish citizen.
  • After becoming a Turkish Citizen, you do not need to be in Turkey, you can continue to live abroad.
  • After becoming a Turkish citizen, you can stay in most countries for 30 to 90 days without a visa.
  • After holding your investment for at least 3 years without selling it, you can cash it in to earn high returns.
  • 12% of Turkey's land is used for real estate.
  • Real estate prices in Turkey are increasing by 30% to 40% every year.

There are also different investment options for applying for Turkish Citizenship.

  • Purchase real estate in Turkey worth at least USD 400,000.
  • Notarized commitment to purchase real estate worth at least USD 400,000 in Turkey.
  • Deposit 500,000 USD in cash in Turkish banks.
  • Buy USD 500,000 worth of government bonds.
  • To purchase USD 500,000 worth of shares in Turkish REITs or VCTs.
  • Invest USD 500,000 in fixed assets.
  • Hiring 50 people for your company in Turkey.

What is a Turquoise Card?

The Turquoise Card System is like the Green Card in the United States. It allows you to stay, work and live in Turkey without taking any action and without obtaining Turkish citizenship. For more detailed information, please refer to the Turquoise Card system or contact us.

Citizenship by Marriage

You are not considered a Turkish citizen directly by marrying a Turkish citizen, you need to do the necessary procedures for this. In addition, you must have been married to this person for 3 years and your marriage must be ongoing.

Becoming a Turkish Citizen by Long-Term Residence

Foreigners who have been living in Turkey with a residence permit for 5 years or more are eligible for Turkish citizenship if they have not been outside the country for more than 185 days. Your financial situation must be suitable. You must also attend an interview in Turkish with authorized persons.